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New version release !!!!!!! - Now allows Cam Control to be run on XP PC with a screen resolution as low as 800X600

Please note that this software is free and has been tested on a Nikon D60 (does work on the D40 and other Nikon models) on windows XP any other operating systems will be addressed at a later stage starting with Vista

Any bugs and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to make the Cam Control as good as the Nikon version "Nikon Camera Control" and may be even better.

Loading ImageCam Control – was started in December 2008 (Got my camera for X-mass and discovered it did not support bracketing).Cam Control allows the user to remote control a Nikon DSLR digital camera from a personal computer. The Nikon D60 has no exposure bracketing built in to its firmware and using this software you will be able to take 31 frames at different exposures which is great for HDR photography.

Cam Control can change the following cameras settings (Depending on Dial Mode)

* Exposure Com.
* Shutter Speed
* Aperture



* Change camera settings
* Single snap shot
* 31 exposure bracketing
* Normal time lapse
* Bracketing (HDR) time lapse
* Take pictures in JPG or RAW
* Transfer pictures to computer
* Screen resolution as low as 800X600


Cam Control works in the folowing modes

* Aperture priority
* Shutter priority
* Programmed Auto



Screen Shots



Download v1.0.1.1






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